Attention Passengers Teams Up With BOSS to Improve Our Community


In the spirit of getting in touch with the people we interact with daily on public transportation (as opposed to simply observing them) and making a difference, I’m so excited to announce that Attention Passengers is teaming up with Building Opportunities for Self Sufficiency, or BOSS, to help lift families and individuals out of homelessness by donating 20% of profits from sales of the book.

Building Opportunities for Self Sufficiency

What does BOSS do?

Headquartered in Berkeley, CA, BOSS helps the very low income and homeless people of the Bay Area get back on their feet and become self-sufficient. This work is crucially important, as homelessness in Berkeley is increasing while housing costs continue to rise.

Services include multiple shelters in the East Bay; career training for the formerly incarcerated, homeless, disabled, and others; housing stabilization to get people into affordable permanent housing; and much more.

Check out the latest news and what they’re up to on their site here.

So what is Attention Passengers doing, exactly?

20% of all profits from sales of Attention Passengers: Adventures on Public Transportation will be donated to BOSS. These funds will help pay for housing, meals, employment and health services, counseling, and other life-changing support. I plan to send a check quarterly and I’ll keep you updated on our progress over time. In the unlikely event that Attention Passengers actually doesn’t turn a profit, I plan to donate an amount out of my pocket anyway.


Every day on my walk from the train to work and back, I encounter a painfully high number of people in need–adults who have little more than what they carry from spot to spot. Some of these people regularly chat and catch up with the friendly people who pass by each day. Some sweep the streets and clean up the area where they set up their tents. I attempt to bring food and water to them when I can but I want to harness the power of a community of people who can accomplish more than what one individual can. I want to help people move on from their current situation and gain power over their own futures. I also want to keep the money local to the Bay Area, at least to start, since that is where the Attention Passengers book was born.

BOSS aligns perfectly with those ideals. They also have a track record of success and you can check out their financial information with an account on Charity Navigator.

BOSS Berkeley

(Please keep in mind that I reserve the right to alter the donation plan at any time.)

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