The Weirdest Public Transportation Stories


May I present to you, without context, a list of the strangest and most memorable things that have happened to me on public transportation so far:

  • Someone punched me in the eye on a bus in San Jose, CA.
  • Many lively people in pajamas regularly got picked up by the “drunk bus” in Santa Barbara as I rode home from my closing shift at work.
  • A very drunk guy on BART once screamed at me, “Fight me, bitch!”
  • An either bored or giddy Caltrain conductor began announcing stops by explaining all his favorite things to do around each stop (shopping, sightseeing, etc).
  • I’ve had to call authorities due to people on the train:
    • smoking crack
    • wielding a massive hunting knife
    • violently raging
  • A lovely lady once fell during turbulence right into my lap and I caught her, fair maiden style. We both blushed.
  • A train held at a station during a wild thunderstorm, the rain blowing in horizontally through the door and soaking everyone.


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