SF Zine Fest 2019


On Sunday, Attention Passengers joined 200+ creators and artists at the 2019 San Francisco Zine Fest! This was the first event Attention Passengers has tabled at and what an event for a first! 6 hours flew by as event-goers visited and shared their stories about riding public transportation.


The most popular item at the booth by far was the pigeon stickers. Everyone shared their love of pigeons in the city!

The day flew by so quickly, in fact, that I barely had time to see all the amazing artists’ work. However, I managed to say hi to a few creators I admire and grab several zines.

Saying hi to Lawrence Lindell, the guest of honor.

Check out the swag I scored below. We’ve got some Lawrence Lindell, Ben Passmore, Joppo, Beverly Salas, Yvonne Hsuan Ho, and more. What did you get?


I managed to squeeze in some coloring and drawing at the table. Several exquisite corpse pages were circulating around the tables, in which you draw something based on the last person’s panel. I participated in the one pictured and laughed at several others making their way around to people.


Look how crowded it got!





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