About Attention Passengers

final-book-01Whether you ride the bus for over an hour every day or you tried the ferry for the first time yesterday, you’ll love exploring the unique microcosm that is public transportation. Use the Attention Passengers: Adventures on Public Transportation book to color in your experiences, vent your frustrations, pass the time during another 10-minute delay, or just laugh as you realize the people and stories contained within are all based on this wild truth we all share.

faces-closeupThe book was conceived in the wake of the Great Bay Area Experiment, in which the author tried a different mode of public transportation to San Francisco each week and then spent the next several months acclimating to strange situations on her chosen mode of transport. Additional inspiration comes from various public transit systems throughout the world, including New York, Japan, Costa Rica, Paris, and more. Delivered in the form of a series of vignettes, the book aims to bring attention to our shared experiences, despite our differences.

faces-for-boss20% of profits made from sales of the book will be donated to Building Opportunities for Self Sufficiency, which helps very low income and homeless people of the Bay Area get back on their feet and become self-sufficient.

Interested in having a laugh while helping make a difference? Pick up the book at the shop here.