Boutique Boisson brings European style shopping to Petoskey

Boutique Boisson will have its grand opening on Thursday, June 30 at its location at 406 E. Lake St. in downtown Petoskey.

PETOSKEY — A new buying expertise is coming to Petoskey with the opening of Boutique Boisson at 406 E. Lake St. in downtown Petoskey.

According to operator Marj Neal, Boisson means drink in French, which alludes to the store’s exceptional approach to customer service. In the back again of the retail store will be a bar, run by Marj’s husband Scott. In addition to the bar, buyers will be made available complimentary water, espresso and lattes.

“I actually appreciate to go to shops wherever they take really excellent care of their clientele and I dislike the reality that (for) my spouse, you will find generally no location to sit down,” Neal stated. 

“So we both of those decided that we required the males and or girls that really don’t like to shop that you should not want to go away their major other to be equipped to have a position to go. So we are likely to have a bar in the back again of the Boutique so people can consume at the bar and folks can also have cocktails whilst they’re shopping.”

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