New Book Released: So Silicon Valley


What happens when a graphic designer from SoCal moves to Silicon Valley to work in tech? This comic collection of comic vignettes chronicles the strange, unexpected, hilarious, and infuriating experiences of that artist-turned-marketer in techland. Printed, stapled, and folded by me. At less than $7, you know I’m not paying myself for my own labor. Let’s call it an “unpaid internship.”

16 pages
5.5×8 inches

Available in the Shop at Storenvy!


So now you know why I’ve been so quiet lately! I’ve been working on this memoir about my four years spent in Silicon Valley. You can look at this as a precursor to Attention Passengers, since I drove the long distances from South San Jose to Menlo Park, Fremont to Sunnyvale, and everywhere in between before I moved and began the commuter life on the rails.


Don’t worry; I have some news about Attention Passengers coming up. In the meantime, check out this new book!