Awesome person alert!


I once met an older gentleman on his way to the airport, carrying a small suitcase and a saxophone case. The bus picked him up from his extremely modest home–a trailer in a tiny home project located on a median between major streets in an industrial area. He was incredibly pleasant and polite as he held his saxophone close and explained that he was on his way to Paris to play jazz with his band at various cafes over the next month.

I love imagining him there in front of an audience of people who may adore his music or may not even care, but regardless, no one can judge him based on where he came from. All that matters is his passion and art.

Attention Passengers! Adventures on Public Transportation Ahead

Know the feeling of trying to fit onto a train or bus during commute time and suddenly you’re getting to know a whole bunch of strangers up close as you get squished farther into the packed train? So do I! Ever wish you could express that unique mix of frustration, rage, and claustrophobia in illustrated form? Me too!

Every day is a new adventure commuting on public transportation in the San Francisco Bay Area with new weirdos, delays, and even people who will help you out of a jam. Let’s chronicle those moments here in stories, pictures, and ultimately–a coloring book!

Send me your stories for a feature here and standby for my own experiences.