Inspiration! Graphic Novels You WILL Want to Check Out


These are a few of the artists/authors I’m obsessed with. You’ll quickly realize that nonfiction (or at least based on real life) is my favorite type of content, especially when it comes in the form of autobiographical vignettes aka memoir. Check them out and give me your recommendations for more!

Julia Wertz – Drinking At The Movies, The Infinite Wait, etc. etc. etc.


She’s hilarious and inappropriate and weird and everything I love, all encapsulated in graphic novel form. I love how she presents the strange task we have of dealing with serious and sometimes extraordinary struggles as part of our everyday mundane lives.

Wendy MacNaughton – Meanwhile in San Francisco


This book–Meanwhile in San Francisco–is everywhere in SF nowadays…as it should be! Great observations about what gives a city its unique vibe have always fascinated me. A bit cheeky and satirical, this book is all sincere.

Michel Hellman – Nunavik


Already obsessed with remote areas, particularly in Canada and Alaska, I couldn’t pass up this story of Hellman’s trip to the remote Northeastern part of Quebec. While unfolding his observations from different towns and areas, problematic issues–particularly issues the native people face as well as the changes foreigners have imposed upon their culture–make their way to the forefront.

Pete Duffield – Kellie and Pete


Not a physical book yet (and why not?!?!), this guy skyrocketed to internet fame after HuffPo picked up a story about his drawings revolving around his life with his (now) wife. He doesn’t hold anything back when it comes to revealing how weird they are in their everyday lives.